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How to Hang Art

Updated: Jul 5

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how to hang art

I was recently talking with a friend and she mentioned that she has some art and photos sitting in her living room that she had never gotten around to hanging and didn't even know HOW to hang them. So that got me thinking that it was time I did a tutorial on how to hang art, and I recently got JUST the piece to show you with.

I'm talking about this gorgeous print I just got from Collection Prints. I’ve been buying digital artwork for my frame TV from them for years, and finally have a physical piece from them and I am VERY impressed.

This is the print I got.

This is the digital print I use on my frame TV.

Shop all their prints here.

While I’m all for DIY, sometimes it’s nice to just have something arrive gorgeous and ready to hang 😍 but they have SO many buying options and print options too!

What you’ll need:


Measuring tape


Nail (if the item you are hanging is heavy, this nail/hook is amazing!)

Wire (optional)

Or grab this picture hanging kit



How to hang art: (check out this post for a video explanation)

1. Find the center

Find the center of the wall, or the center of the area where you are wanting to hang the art.

measure to find the center of the wall to center the art

2. How high to hang

Rule of thumb, the center of artwork should hang 57-60 inches off the ground. Since this is over a console table I could have also gone with the rule of thumb for how high to hang it over the table. But due to the size of the wall, I went with the former.

3. Add hanging wire

This print came mounted and with hanging hardware, but I chose to add a wire to make hanging it easier

4. How high to place the nail

Now determine where to hang the nail. Remember, we want the center of the artwork around 60 inches high. So how high should we place the nail?

My artwork is 31 inches tall. Half of that is 15.5 inches. 60 + 15.5 = 75.5 so the top of the artwork should be 75.5 inches high. BUT the nail needs to be where the top of the wire is. SO…

Take 75.5 minus the distance from the top of the art to the top of the wire. Here it is 4.5 inches. So the nail needs to be placed at 71 inches high.

measure from the wire to the top of the art

5. Hang the art

Hook the wire on the nail, make sure the art is centered and level.

Get it? Got it? Clear as mud?

Let me know if you have questions because honestly I had to watch my own explanation like 5 times to type this out 🤣😅

That's it!

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